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Quest Cards

The Quest Deck contains Action, Gear, and Curse cards.

Tavern Cards

Players start each turn at the Tavern and always draw 1 Tavern Card per turn. During each player’s Tavern Phase, any player may play any number of Tavern Cards. Tavern Cards have a wide variety of effects that allow you to interact with, strengthen, or sabotage yourself or other players.

Anvil Cards

Players who decide to Visit the Forge draw from the Anvil Deck. This deck contains the cards used to build your Weapon of choice.

Monster Cards

There are three Monster Decks, each containing stronger monsters than the last: The Forest, The Cavern, and The Dungeon.

Loot Cards

Loot Cards are the ultimate goal of every adventurer! Players who are bold and successful (or just plain lucky) draw from the Loot Deck, which contains valuable treasures and parts of Legendary Weapons.

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