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A Sword-Crafting Monster-Slaying Card Game

A fast-paced, comedically chaotic, sword crafting, monster slaying, loot grabbing, friendship ruining backstabbing card game.

Created By CircleToonsHD Published by Creator Ink


The Gameplay

In Fool's Blade, players take turns embarking on their own heroic quests while simultaneously scheming to sabotage their friends' adventures. The goal? Become the best adventurer by any means necessary!

Tavern Tactics

Steal and destroy your opponents' cards while plotting your next move.

Forge Fury

Craft mighty weapons to aid in your quests.

Quest for Glory

Search for powerful equipment and spells.

Monster Mayhem

Battle goofy monsters in the Forest, Cavern, and Dungeon.

Loot Legends

Collect treasures from fallen foes and climb the ranks.


Visit the Forge

The Forge is where you'll craft your mighty weapons. Collect resources and combine them to create powerful swords that will aid you in battle. Each crafted weapon can turn the tide of a quest, giving you the edge over your friends and foes.


Pick Your Character & Class

Each offering different strategies and abilities, to claim your spot as the ultimate champion of Fool's Blade!

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